Unexpectedly unexpected.

The Trolli brand has been built on doing the unexpected. So when it came time to extend our campaign for the Deadpool-inspired Tiny Hands gummy snack, we took unexpected to new heights, starting with a microsite that broke every SEO “best practice” by embedding quippy metajokes inside the page’s HTML code. The result? Minds and sales projections blown in equal proportions.


Tough Love

Conventional wisdom has no place in marketing unconventional products.

True Love

Doing unexpected things can yield unexpected results.

In the true spirit of Deadpool, we made the conventional “un” by hiding digital Easter eggs within the metadata of the Trolli Tiny Hands microsite.

Fast Company, Campaign US and Syfy Wire definitely noticed, but they weren’t exactly sure if it was “marketing genius” or “insanity.” We’re certain our results divulge the answer.

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increase in traffic to
0 1 B
campaign impressions in first two months
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fastest selling product innovation at 7-Eleven