Periscope and Trolli broke the rules of SEO like a weirdly awesome antihero


What do you get when you combine a sassy title tag, a couple of hidden Easter eggs and 5,000-character meta descriptions? Very bad SEO, an invitation to speak at Event Tech 2018, a spot on The One Show's shortlist and a whole lot of headlines.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is no longer just about driving traffic to a website — it’s a tool that can and should be integrated into the creative process from start to finish. So that’s exactly how we used it as we created a microsite for Trolli, centered on the launch of their Deadpool-inspired gummies.

Our strategy? Do the worst SEO possible for the microsite… on purpose. Because that’s what Deadpool would do.

As it turns out, flagrantly breaking rules of SEO and throwing best practices to the wind gets people talking — Reddit threads, Fast Company, Looper, Campaign US and Syfy Wire, to name a few.

“Trolli and Periscope’s marketing ploy is the gift that keeps on giving.” Oliver McAteer, Campaign US

The rebellious SEO work even got us invited to speak at the 2018 Event Tech Conference where our own Dustin Joyce and Christopher Jensen took the stage to talk more about the changing definition of SEO as a means of engagement.

We didn’t just break the fourth wall, we obliterated it (just like Deadpool) by using SEO in a way that had never been done before. We thought outside the box, using SEO to talk directly to fans of the Mouthy Merc in a secret way they would appreciate, breaking lots of rules in the process.