Making Tiny Hands into a big deal.

In preparation for Deadpool 2, Trolli handed us a fun little assignment — literally — to help promote the blockbuster new release with a must-have gummy candy. We focused our creation on the main character, Tiny Hands himself. There was a lot of chatter about the size of his appendages, and what they might say about other parts of his anatomy. All we’ll say is that this promotion was undeniably a huge deal at the cash register.


Tough Love

Mainstream marketing tactics don’t work in niche spaces like gummy fandom.

True Love

Deadpool fans and gummy lovers share a taste for the unconventional.

When done right, combining the very distinct voices of two subversive brands can only result in edgy, disruptive hilarity. More than a traditional licensing agreement, Trolli and Deadpool worked together to create a new sour gummy that not only tied into Deadpool 2’s storyline, but also perfectly expanded Trolli’s Weirdly Awesome universe.

Thoroughly integrated and interconnected to operate as one giant unit, the Tiny Hands campaign provided firm package support — from influencer strategies to the world’s sexiest display ads to 4th-wall-breaking metadata messages from Deadpool himself.

In the campaign’s biggest moment, Deadpool invited fans to be a part of the campaign and flaunt their own packages via two massive, real-time digital billboards in Times Square. Fans were also able to submit their best impersonations of the merc via Twitter and Instagram using #PackagePose.


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earned media impressions over 2 weeks
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rated-R opening of all time
0 300
global box office in first 3 days

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