Brands Have Two Choices: Sink or Swim

While it’s never been easy to swim, it’s never been harder for a brand to keep its head above water than it is today.

Brands need a partner looking out for them in every conceivable, and inconceivable, direction.

Not just pointing out what’s ahead, but what’s out of sight.

Not just seizing the opportunity right in front of them but going beyond to capitalize on the bigger, more elusive one.

We’re Periscope: a full-service creative partner and we’re driven by one belief: Modern brands don’t just look ahead, They see beyond

We see beyond the expected to build brands and impact communities in inventive ways.

Our Capabilities

We are part of Quad, a marketing experience company delivering integrated strategy, production and activation, supercharging our ability to see beyond and scale locally to globally.


Strategic, integrated, clear and comprehensive, our thinking takes on every problem first by seeing beyond and then developing a sound and creative plan of attack.



Connected Experience



Our integrated department is built specifically to allow us to see beyond the tried and true and express narratives across a remarkable range of content forms.






A heritage steeped in deep production means our abilities to see beyond challenges to make stuff and get stuff done are second to none.

Integrated Production

P4 Studio


Our Team