Whipping up a weirdly awesome Trolli influencer

From his iconic wild beard to weirdly awesome facial expressions, it made sense to have NBA star James Harden as the perfect Trolli influencer. We developed creative and social media campaigns centered around Harden’s beard and colorful character to match the sweet-and-sour cravings of Trolli fans everywhere.


Tough Love

There's nothing enticing about celebrity endorsed food.

True Love

Trolli fans have a craving for the wildly unexpected.

With a genuine love for Trolli gummies and a personality that transcends the game of basketball, James Harden proved to be authentic to the brand — and insanely energizing to Trolli fans. Not to mention, is there anything more weirdly awesome than this man's beard?

Watch in awe as the beard, and James himself, star in some weirdly awesomeness.

For the face of a brand, the most expressive face out there.

From a press conference with James' beard to the release of Weird Beards gummies to the latest creation of Sour Sneaks, Trolli has kept pace with Sour Brite fans everywhere.

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