This campaign was our city’s moment to take back the mic. To allow our residents to speak for themselves. And to let the rest of the world know what’s actually worth fussing about. Because for people who live here, or who visit regularly, Minneapolis is pretty fussing amazing.

Our fully integrated campaign included out-of-home billboards that flipped some of the most commonly held misconceptions on their head.

And after setting the record straight, we created a series of :06 videos that let folks know what they should be fussing over — from our vibrant nightlife and festivals, to our miles and miles of bike paths.

We got people talking, with features in the Star Tribune, on local news, and with in-depth radio interviews. Along with our partners at Friend of a Friend, we also gave locals a platform to showcase their positive fuss, with the help of a robust influencer push.


"You can stop talking bad about my city," Adrian Wilson said with a laugh. "Just look and see how everybody's smiling. It's a beautiful, diverse place that takes care of each other. Rather than listening to some random somebody, folks can come and say, 'Wow, this place is pretty awesome.'"
Adrian Wilson in the Star Tribune


The campaign was even shortlisted in the Best Communication Strategy: Tourism category of the global City Nation Place Awards for 2023.

Above all, we wanted to make sure residents and visitors alike were inspired to say: