Witness it: Periscope’s work for the Basilica Block Party brings the higher power of rock to life


Miracles happen, bands get angry and a church puts on a musical event to remember.

The Basilica Block Party, now in its 23rd year, is a bit of a contradiction: rock and roll, partying and its namesake, the Basilica of Saint Mary. If you’ve been there, you know the combination works. This year, Periscope created a campaign for the event that brought all those elements together. We can sum it up in two words: Witness It.

Playing up the religious connotations of the event, Periscope created marketing materials like billboards, digital and radio buys and guerilla advertising, such as taking over actual marquee boards throughout Minneapolis, as well as some more surprising elements, such as a deep dive into miracles surrounding the event and a fake band that took to dissing the Basilica Block Party.

Periscope took a cue from mystery shows and deep dive exposes to create a series of social spots featuring Dr. Hal Forseth, an expert on the “supernatural events” or miracles tied to the concert series. The self-described miracologist investigated things like the Polka-geist who haunts an accordion, and a parrot who predicts the band line up each year.

The fake band, dubbed Hell Hath No Fury, was a way to create some buzz before the event. The band posted on social about not being allowed to play at the concert series, graffitied the billboards created by Periscope, and even hung a sign from the Basilica itself, gaining public and media interest.

To see more of the creative, including all of the miracologist segments (trust us, you want to watch them), visit the Basilica Block Party Instagram and Facebook.