Essentia Water debuts new creative campaign from Periscope


New work celebrates premium-bottled water that rises to the standards of those who do more, leads Essentia to badge brand status.

The market for premium-bottled water is filled with brands, all clamoring for attention. So how do you stand out amongst such a crowd? Build brand awareness overnight. Tap into what motivates people, and become embedded in the culture of your audience.

We created a campaign that invites overachievers to overachieve with Essentia. The new campaign features real, everyday people, found through social media, who push boundaries left and right. Their stories – a cancer survivor who found a new way to run, a marching band visionary, a female BMX rider – show overachievement in their own ways. Sharing these motivational stories was a perfect fit for Essentia, a challenger brand in the category, who is forging a spot for itself amongst stiff competition.

The integrated campaign includes out-of-home elements, such as billboards, hand-painted murals, and wrapped buses, as well as radio, digital, social elements, and in-store retail displays and POS. Ads are targeted at key cities (and their residents) that set the bar for culture, like Los Angeles, New York City and Portland.

An influencer program will run alongside the creative campaign, showcasing overachievers such as Kelsey Plum, the #1 draft pick in the WNBA, and Joe La Puma, the Vice President of Content Strategy at Complex Media, and host of Complex Networks’ Sneaker Shopping series. Their stories, along with others, will be available on the Essentia corporate website, on the influencers’ social channels and accessible through Snapchat on a hand-painted mural wall in New York City.