Kindergartner whose act of kindness went viral gets surprise of a lifetime


Periscope PR and Arctic Cat team up to shine light on America’s snowmobiling sweetheart and launch a thousand stories.

Sunshine Oelfke’s selfless act caught our attention, and we couldn’t help but shout her story of kindness from the rooftops. The 5-year-old racing enthusiast, whose dream was to buy a snowmobile someday, was giving away all of her piggy bank money to classmates in need. She noticed they didn't have money for milk, and she wanted to help. Turns out, Sunshine was not alone in her thinking. Her GoFundMe page, dubbed “Sunshine’s Milk Money Mission,” raised over $13,000.

Together, Arctic Cat and the Periscope PR team brought Sunshine’s story into the spotlight to celebrate her kindness and spread her message of giving. One of the best parts of that celebration was a surprise event we planned at her school, during which we unveiled a snowmobile just for her.

Check out just some of the wonderful media coverage of Sunshine’s story, including TODAY, NBC, ABC and It’ll leave you smiling ear to ear, and hopefully in the mood to spread some sunshine of your own.