#VikingsShipMe event fulfills fans’ wishes and wins national award


Periscope’s work with the Minnesota Lottery wins an event award from La Fleur’s Magazine.

If you haven’t looked at your state lottery lately, you may want to! Lotteries are holding events, redesigning their games and becoming bigger each year. We are proud to share that our work on the #VikingsShipMe event with the Minnesota Lottery won an event award from La Fleur’s Magazine, a top lottery industry publication.


Bringing events to life in exciting, engaging ways is what we do. For fans that love purple and gold, #VikingsShipMe helped make football training camp even more winning, as we kicked off a new Vikings scratch game for the Minnesota Lottery. We asked fans to tweet about what they really wanted, and delivered it to them aboard a Nordic ship of glory (a power scooter/cooler hybrid). Everything from a YETI cooler to LED TVs helped make a good day even better for fans. Check out the video below to see the Northman who delivered these presents, clad in the best armor around — it’s made with the new scratch game tickets.