“Beer We Go” campaign for Summit scores a home run


Periscope hypes Summit Twins Pils release with a treat for the senses

We were thrilled to be tapped for the launch of Summit Twins Pils, an award-winning, traditional, unfiltered German-style pilsner released as part of Summit Brewing Company’s partnership with the Minnesota Twins baseball team. The new year-round brew embodies both brands’ belief in “One Team. One Territory.” and features a throwback jersey-inspired look with the iconic Twins team logo on a field of baby blue trimmed with navy and gold.

“The inspiration right off the bat (pun totally intended), was to fuse the love of beer with the love of the game. The result? Baseball never beer’d so good.” Scott Dahl, VP, Group Creative Director

To generate buzz for the new beer, we partnered with Echo Boys, a Minneapolis music house and sound design company, to create an original ASMR-style track that layered the various sounds of popping open, pouring and enjoying the crisp pilsner over the familiar “Here we go” chant. Muse called the thirst-inducing video, released just in time for the Twins home opener at Target Field, “a frothy feast for the senses.”

The campaign also includes radio spots that playfully capture the perfect pairing that is Minnesota’s hometown baseball team and original hometown craft beer. 

With additional features in Ad Age, Adweek, Sports Business Journal, Ads of the World and The Minneapolis Egotist, we’re considering the work a home run!