Periscope launches 11 new brews at charity brewfest


The second annual event, featuring original recipes, branding and packaging, raised money for Make-A-Wish

Cheers to a sweet crew, cool brews and making wishes come true! We raised $1,300 for Make-A-Wish while enjoying some custom-made beers, ciders, sours, kombuchas and even a switchel, all brewed and branded by our very own employees.

“Periscope’s budding brewmasters put talents to work for good.” MediaPost

While Campaign US, MediaPost and The Egotist highlighted that all the homebrewers' efforts were gallant, the votes declared two clear winners.

This year’s event, themed "Full Pints for Half Pints," included 11 different teams competing to win the coveted title of best agency brew by providing one-of-a-kind flavors with original branding and packaging design.

In the alcoholic category, Automatic Reply, a coconut vanilla milkshake IPA created by account supervisor Randy Cunningham swept the competition. The brew was made using toasted coconut, fresh vanilla beans and the secret milkshake flavoring. And yes, it was as delicious as it sounds.

Fillmore Kombucha, created by creative Kayla Fay, took the number one spot in the nonalcoholic category. Kayla’s kombucha lineup included three flavors — tropical, mango and guava — featuring ingredients inspired by summertime, and was named after her rescue pup and part-time office heartthrob, Fillmore.

And it wouldn’t be a Periscope Brewfest without someone including ingredients they found somewhere questionable. A fan favorite, Kiss My Prickly Ash, featured prickly ash berries found in Periscope’s P4 parking lot. This particular berry is known for having a natural numbing agent that affects the tongue and mouth. Drink at your own risk.