Periscope brings sparkle and glam to JCPenney with creation of Jacques Penné


The pop-up shop is unveiled in NYC and online via a shoppable 360-degree virtual experience.

The talk of the (retail) town this holiday season? It’s Jacques Penné, the JCPenney pop-up that Periscope helped bring to life on the streets of SoHo and through virtual reality. Described as an “Etsy shop come to life” by Glossy, the two-day pop-up goes all out on the glam.

Actresses Nicole Richie and Laura Marano plus YouTube stars Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight and fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein helped curate the shop’s inventory, which was available for sale in the physical pop-up shop as well as the 360-degree virtual store. As Richie told AOL, “I know how it feels to just need to go in and just get holiday gifts for people. This store is dedicated specifically just to holiday shopping, so you technically could get everything here for everybody just like that, boom.”

People’s delight and awe were captured by numerous media outlets, such as NBC New York, AOL and The Hollywood Reporter. The shop was even named a “Christmas 2017 best retail in-store innovation” by Stylus.

For guests who couldn’t make it to the store in person (and take a selfie in front of a wreath made with pennies!), the virtual store is still open until January 7, 2018.