Agency podcast shares chilling true ghost stories


Periscope employees spill spine-shivering tales to get into the Halloween mood

As it turns out, there are many Periscopians who have had supernatural encounters. In preparation for Halloween, we asked our co-workers to submit their freaky firsthand accounts of their experiences with the strange and unexplained.

We received many submissions of terrifying true tales: Among the subjects of these eerie stories were chainsaw-wielding strangers in the woods, UFO sightings and demonic children leaving tiny handprints on windows. You know, the usual.

These are just a few of the episodes for our creepy podcast series, which set the tone for our agency-wide Halloween party. But the day wasn’t all doom and gloom — among the festivities were tarot card readings, family trick-or-treating, haunted Ouija boards and a costume contest. Check out some of the fierce competition: