Doing (and singing) things people love


Periscope culture goes beyond the office. Spreading joy and love is part of who we are! Watch as we sing it out (with the help of some kazoos).

Love doesn’t have to be just romantic (though that’s great, too). At Periscope, we like to do things people love by connecting with the world in any way we can, and helping brands do the same. That thread runs through our entire agency and is highlighted in what our employees do—in and out of the office. That’s why we all got together (yes, the whole lot of us!) and sang a little song just for you (the internet).

From being featured in movies like Love, Actually to being played outside your window by your beau when you were sixteen (just us?), “All You Need Is Love” by the Beatles is a timeless anthem. Through this song, we decided to use our voices to share love and brighten up spirits near and far, celebrating everyone equally. Everyone has love in his or her hearts for something or someone, and that passion fueled us. We warmed our vocal chords with help from Choir! Choir! Choir!, and out came this:

So what do you think – did we nail it? Did you sing along? Do you totally want a kazoo now? We’re 100% behind you serenading that special someone (or anyone really) on Valentine’s Day with this tune. Spread the love!