Minnesota Lottery

A billion things to love

Since its inception, the Minnesota Lottery has generously funded state wildlife organizations. But the average lotto player has no idea where this money goes and often associates the Lottery with greedy legislators and bureaucrats. When the contribution amount topped three billion dollars, we celebrated with a “billion-dollar commercial” campaign. After initially freaking out at the price tag, Minnesotans soon came to see the point: The Minnesota Lottery does awesome things for Minnesota’s great outdoors.


Tough Love

Taxpayers associate the Lottery with greedy legislators and bureaucrats.

True Love

When people play the MN Lottery, the biggest winner is our state’s wildlife.

When we discovered the Minnesota Lottery wasn’t getting credit for its beneficiary work, we created an integrated campaign that turned existing misperceptions into the understanding that more than $1 billion from the lottery has gone to protecting and preserving the state’s incredible natural resources. Ka-ching!

A social media campaign provided a countdown to the commercial’s debut, teasing eye-catching sums of money.

Then, the 60-second launch spot debuted simultaneously on every news station in Minnesota.

Follow-up messaging reminded folks who the real winners are.

A livestream of a stream kept the action live and the timing real.

0 22 MM
earned media impressions
0 2 MM
social impressions
0 3 BB
dollars for the state since 1990