TurnSignl debuts brand campaign by Periscope as it goes national


Live legal guidance app launches nationwide with “I Have the Right” campaign

Periscope is proud to debut a new brand campaign for TurnSignl, a Black-owned, Minnesota-based company that provides live legal guidance to drivers. The TurnSignl mobile app helps subscribers feel more safe and empowered on the road, offering on-demand video chat with an attorney when interacting with law enforcement.

TurnSignl began developing the app in October 2020, partly in response to the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and reports examining racial disparities in traffic stops. The app is now available nationwide after launching in its 50th state in September 2023.

Released before the nationwide launch, the “I Have the Right” campaign aims to drive awareness and downloads of the TurnSignl app. Creative highlights TurnSignl’s benefits and presents a personal message of empowerment. Because no one should have to skip going out with friends, attending events and enjoying their lives due to fear about getting home safely.



The campaign features four main characters, representing the primary audiences who use TurnSignl for themselves or their loved ones. Video uses the familiar cadence and tone of the Miranda warning to show how TurnSignl users can feel more confident that their rights will be protected on the road.

Periscope has partnered with TurnSignl since 2020, driven by shared values and the agency’s commitment to impact communities in inventive ways. 

“We can’t express our appreciation enough for Periscope’s exceptional work, dedication and the incredible team spirit ... We’re excited to continue our partnership and immensely grateful for Periscope’s genuine commitment to driving positive change in our community.” Jazz Hampton, CEO, TurnSignl

You can see more of the campaign featured in Ads of the World and The Minneapolis Egotist, or learn more about TurnSignl from their recent feature in Forbes.