Periscope and Black Men Teach Join Forces for Important Cause


Periscope to assist Black Men Teach with awareness and recruitment efforts

Last summer, Periscope was introduced to Black Men Teach, a local organization that is making a positive impact on the Twin Cities community.

The mission of Black Men Teach is simple – get more Black men into the teaching profession. Its programming focuses on recruiting, preparing, placing and retaining Black male teachers, while tapping into a network of local partner professionals, schools and community-based organizations.

After learning more about the organization and the fantastic people affiliated with it, Periscope decided to provide pro bono services to the organization.

Currently, we are providing public relations support to help build awareness of Black Men Teach. Early next year, our efforts will focus more on recruitment and outreach efforts.

It is an exciting opportunity for Periscope and our team is looking forward to furthering the partnership as Black Men Teach grows its impact on the Twin Cities.

To learn more about Black Men Teach, visit