Periscope gets new ownership, joins the Quad/Graphics family


We help lead Quad’s growing creative and strategic arm, helping them to redefine the future of integrated marketing

In case you hadn’t heard from Wall Street Journal, Adweek, Associated Press and the Star Tribune, we’ve got some pretty big news to share.

Quad/Graphics has acquired Periscope, adding rocket fuel to our ability to do things people love. Together, we’re committed to set a new standard for integrated marketing solutions, offering efficient, effective and comprehensive end-to-end services at the scale brands are asking for.

While Quad/Graphics may initially seem like an unusual partner for Periscope, the relationship is not entirely surprising at all:

"Our companies share a common vision for the future of integrated marketing and operate with very similar values.” Bill Simpson, Former Chairman and Owner of Periscope

Those similar values include deep family ties. Periscope has been historically family-owned since it was a typesetting company in 1960, while Quad/Graphics was founded by the Quadracci family and remains controlled by them to this day. The partnership does truly offer the best of both worlds: The culture and passion of a family-owned company and the scale of a publicly-held company.

It goes without saying that we’re excited about the news and the immense growth opportunities that lie ahead. And we wish our current owner, Bill Simpson, the very best as he begins his retirement!

“We aren’t just being added to their portfolio; we are leading their creative marketing revolution. We are creating Periscope times five.” Liz Ross, President and CEO of Periscope