Periscope, Trolli and Deadpool grab the world by the package


New creative campaign raises a 'tiny' middle finger to predictable advertising

“The marketing for Deadpool 2 is the gift that keeps on giving.”

Our latest work for Trolli in collaboration with Deadpool 2 is a gift to all of those who crave the unconventional, the surprising, the kind of edgy twist you’d expect from this (un)superhero and weirdly awesome candy brand.

“Trolli and Deadpool both thrive on being the anti-mainstream versions of their respective categories,” said Periscope creative director Dustin Joyce. “Being odd and different is inherently a part of their DNA. So, when it comes to launching a new product together, the advertising itself is obligated to be equally unexpected.”

The launch of Sour Brite Tiny Hands and a new creative campaign got love from fans and reporters alike. Check out the feature stories in Adweek, Campaign US, Event Marketer and more.

“From the start, we all agreed that this cross-collaboration had to be something more than a traditional license agreement. This had to be an extension of Deadpool’s own Weirdly Awesome universe,” said Allison Wyrwicz, Trolli’s senior brand manager. “Trolli Sour Brite Tiny Hands is really pushing the boundaries, and the creative work is right in line with what fans crave from both Trolli and Deadpool.”

"This is just the latest stroke of marketing brilliance (or is it insanity?)" Syfy Wire

As a part of this unconventional campaign, we even hid digital Easter eggs in the metadata for the Trolli Tiny Hands microsite, flagrantly breaking the rules of SEO best-practices... on purpose. Fast Company, Campaign US and Syfy Wire picked up on our antics.


“Tiny Hands has been a great creative challenge, because Trolli and Deadpool both have really unique voices,” said Peter Nicholson, chief creative officer at Periscope. “No other brand partnership is positioned to do something as disruptive and edgy as this.”

We went to Times Square, and asked people to show us their package. Those who struck the best #PackagePose were featured in real time on digital billboards overhead.