Exploring creativity across the globe — Festival de Antigua


Periscope's Rhea Hanges travels to Guatemala to share "Work That Wins the World."

When you’re teaching a workshop about work that wins the world, why not hop a few countries to get there? Creative Director Rhea Hanges was invited to share her voice at Festival de Antigua in Guatemala, a growing hotbed of creative talent. She and other engaging speakers, such as Ryan Noon from Nike and Cecilia Seitun from Facebook, inspired days of discussion around the future of the marketing industry and how we can challenge traditional creative thinking.

Rhea’s workshop also took a deep dive into the evolution and challenges of the in-person retail shopping experience and tasked participants with “saving the department store.” Encouraging participants to let great ideas drive their work, Rhea saw ideas from bots to a retail-specific Siri, gamification of the shopping experience to ways to make a shopping trip more connected.

Inspired ideation can carry you through many challenges. What are you willing to create in order to win?