“Tolerism:” a 24-hour life lesson


Periscope honors the International Day of Tolerance with creative approach to "isms."

The International Day of Tolerance took place on Thursday, November 16, 2017. Not only does the day celebrate the many cultures, people and ways of being, but it is also a chance to start a lifelong habit of being open-minded, accepting and forgiving.

To help people along, we’re calling this approach to life “Tolerism,” and we created a collection of new positive “isms” in honor of tolerance, which can also serve as buffers to the continual daily barrage of existing “isms” we see in everyday life.

Throughout International Day of Tolerance, we shared a new “ism” every hour as a way to give “Tolerists” a new way to think about tolerance and a new context in which to act against intolerance. Check them out below — we encourage you to reflect, enjoy and appreciate the diversity in our world.