Periscope launches Arctic Cat into virtual reality


Star Tribune features the Arctic Cat 360 VR experience, declaring Periscope and Arctic Cat have “upped the ante.”

When it comes to power sports, why just admire when you could experience?

Periscope and Arctic Cat just launched the Arctic Cat 360 experience, enabling users to feel the heart-pumping adrenaline of steep drops, hill climbs and off-camber riding on an Arctic Cat snowmobile or Wildcat UTV in an incredibly realistic, 360-degree virtual reality world. The VR technology also allows users to ride right alongside celebrity drivers like Tony Stewart, and all this while inside a showroom or trade show.

“Virtual reality technology has swung open a door of new opportunities for experiential brands,” said Periscope’s chief creative officer, Peter Nicholson. “The Arctic Cat 360 experience allows people to fall in love with Arctic Cat and the riding experience without the challenge of first getting them out on the trails. It’s an iconic brand with cool products and passionate users — VR can help bring those factors together in an engaging and experiential way.”


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