Six-second ads are the new teaser trailer for your brand


Periscope’s Peter Nicholson discusses the newest "cool kid" of advertising on WCCO Radio.

Advertising is never boring - seriously. Whether it’s a new creative idea, an exciting client or a new platform to use, the changes and possibilities are endless. They can also be a challenge, some more rewarding than others.

The latest adventure? Six-second ads. The world has been buzzing about them ever since Fox announced the use of the format earlier this summer, and then took them prime time this past weekend during the Broncos vs. Cowboys NFL game.

Our Chief Creative Officer Peter Nicholson chatted with WCCO Radio’s Paul Douglas and Jordana Green about what the format means for advertisers and viewers alike.

Some key takeaways:

  • This ad format was born online; think about the non-skippable ads before a YouTube video. They worked well in that medium, and now the goal is to translate that to the broadcast realm.
  • Messages need to be simple, and entertainment needs to be number one. Trying to overdo a short spot will create confusion, negating the purpose of the ads.
  • The goal is to get the audience interested enough that they pull up their second screen; by getting a viewer to go online, they can discover more engaging content to help build brand affinity.
  • How six-second ads will be used in the coming months will be telling; whether they are stacked back to back in a normal 30-second spot, or sprinkled throughout a broadcast, every time they are used will be a chance to measure their effectiveness.

Evolving ad formats continue to keep the advertising world on its toes. Six-second ads are yet another chance to show viewers, and clients, what we can do to break through.