Victor Kimble speaks at AdAge Brand Summit Detroit


Is advertising out of touch with mainstream America? Periscope's EVP of Strategy discusses this and more during a panel session.

The Advertising Age Brand Summit, this year in Detroit, is all about discussing brands that approach problems differently, or take a new strategic path to market, and the observable results. Who better to talk about that than Victor Kimble, our strategy guru?

Addressing whether our industry is operating in a bubble, the executive panel, represented by the coasts and the Midwest, debated “The Great Divide” in advertising — do we actually know what mainstream consumers want? And how do the issues we, as advertisers and marketers, face impact our insights, strategies and ideas?

Marketers certainly need to be aware and part of the cultural conversations impacting our country and world. Here are some of Victor’s thoughts from the panel:

  1. Brands need to decide if they want to engage in a national discussion or watch from the sidelines. Each has risks and rewards.
  2. While data gives us a more intimate understanding of the situation and builds marketing confidence, there are gaps that form into potential traps if we don't do our diligence in translating the data into meaningful and actionable insights.
  3. As conversations and emotional connections bring brands closer to people's hearts, there is a fine line between a brand providing value to address a larger national outcome and a brand that is drafting off the social discourse.

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