Simplifying multi-product user experience

Oh, what a tangled web they wove.

As QuickBooks had rapidly expanded their products and service tiers, the added product SKUs were tacked onto As a result, the user experience had become increasingly convoluted, to the point where many users were unable to find and differentiate between products. Accountants were often purchasing the wrong product — subscribing to products meant for their advisory clients (B2C) rather than for them (B2B). Intuit brand managers recognized the problem and knew quick-fixes weren’t going to solve the underlying issue. It was going to take something much more drastic.

"Just blow it all up."

After several suggestions from Intuit to explode the entire web experience and rebuild it from the ground up, the effort was affectionately code-named “Project Dynamite.” Through rigorous usability testing and interviews, we discovered that much of the existing content was still worth salvaging. Rather, the pressing need was to show how each SKU fit into a broader QuickBooks ecosystem. One interview quote really summed up the goal of our effort: “How is Intuit making my life easier? Show me how it all connects.”

Boom went the dynamite.

After all the dust settled, we had created a flexible web template that could manage a large array of product types while still allowing for individualized branding. Improved feature and benefit information blocks allowed Intuit to speak to more than just price points, and subtle styling choices drastically helped differentiate B2B and B2C products. We also built a centralized hub to house all training resources — along with an easy-to-use navigation system to accommodate the entire life cycle of QuickBooks accountants (prospect, beginner, intermediate, expert).

0 1.6 MM
unique site visitors last year
0 31 %
increase in customer web traffic across the site
0 22.4 %
reduction in visitor bounce rate

Soon after the launch of our redesigned site, surveyed accountants began reporting significantly greater satisfaction in product knowledge and site usability. Intuit was particularly encouraged that Project Dynamite yielded giant increases in traffic to Product and Training pages (128% and 109% growth, respectively). Moreover, Intuit called our work "the bomb." Enough said.