Minnesota Lottery

Welcome to Minnesnowta. Population: $100,000.

In Minnesota, we don’t run from the cold — we embrace it. So we created a scratch ticket built on the spirit of winning at winter. But it’s more than a game, or even a state of mind. Minnesnowta is a real place, where playing and having fun is a way of life. ​


Tough Love

It’s hard to embrace a season that forces you to stay inside.

True Love

Minnesotans know how to win at winter.

During the cold months, many locals affectionately refer to our state as "Minnesnowta," so we made a game of it. Besides promoting a scratch ticket with the same name, we officially put Minnesnowta on the map. We created an ice-covered town and shot a tourism-themed commercial to promote it. We even created an actual spot on Google Maps where the commercial was shot, so cold-blooded Minnesotans could check in to this winter-loving location. ​

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