Minnesota Lottery

Minnesota wins! (for once)

Fueled by generations of futility in big games, Minnesota sports fans have a well-earned reputation for cynicism. To reignite the imagination and optimism of these jaded Purple People Eaters, we worked with the Minnesota Lottery to develop a game that celebrated the positives of being a Vikings fan. Because every game has a winner — even in Minnesota.


Tough Love

Vikings fans hope to win big — but expect to come up short.

True Love

Lottery offers fans a winning ticket, even without a winning season.

Every year, Vikings fans dream of their team winning it all. And for the last 58 years, they’ve come up a little short. No titles. Not ever. So, to get Vikings fans excited about the Minnesota Lottery’s Vikings scratch game, we helped them actually see what it’s like to win it all. Well, the lottery anyway.

We created Jan, the ultimate Vikings fan. Jan took her Vikings scratch game winnings and did what any true Vikings fan would do. She bought a bunch of Vikings memorabilia for her Jan Cave, including one very special piece — Vikings legend, Jared Allen.

Mullet. Mustache. Magic.

The campaign extended through posts and social videos, including a backstory of how Jared met Jan, as well as Jan giving away some of her Jan Cave overflow memorabilia.

We also created an augmented reality lens for Snapchat that turned a billboard into an opportunity to give someone a virtual post-game ice bath so everyone can share in the joy of what winning really feels like.

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