Sloths speed up sales

Trolli candies skew heavily toward millennials. And millennials do a disproportionate amount of shopping at convenience stores. So we conceived an exclusive product for 7-Eleven stores: Trolli Sour Brite Sloths. This fully-integrated partnership included product launch, packaging and a multi-channel campaign that enticed hungry millenials to eat up Trolli Sloths at record speeds.


Tough Love

Marketing to millennials in traditional ways produces sloth-like sales.

True Love

When offered something new, millennials will adopt it as their own.

We conceived an exclusive partnership with 7-Eleven and created Trolli Sour Brite Sloths — a fully-integrated effort from product launch to packaging to multi-channel campaign — and enticed a hungry millenial audience to eat up Trolli Sloths.

Trolli "Slothversations" told our story and ignited social media.

Slow-moving sloths created fast-moving hype.

Then we brought sloths on a Weirdly Slothsome Slurpee Tour.

0 53 %
Gummi sloths sold 53% faster than the competition among millenials
0 60 MM
Impressions across consumer, social and trade media
0 55 %
Instagram growth rate

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Here's one more GIF because sloths are so darn cute. You're welcome.