Sour gummies are the new black.

The biggest trends are often things the world didn’t even know it needed. So, when we pitched the idea of a Trolli-themed collaboration with the zany clothing of Mokuyobi, people weren’t quite sure about it — until they saw the results. We quickly garnered attention from diverse entities, including Food & Wine and Tasting Table, and just like that, our sour gummies had wormed their way into the pop fashion zeitgeist.


Tough Love

With such a niche appeal, needs to find evangelists in new places.

True Love

When two weirds collide, hardcore fans of one end up repping both.

A kaleidoscopic candy client and a red-hot Los Angeles fashion designer collaborate to create an exclusive, limited-edition line of gummi worm-influenced apparel that people love.

Meet Julie Pinzur, the colorful creator behind Mokuyobi.

A website of weirdly woven wear

Making Mokuyobi a simple choice at ComplexCon — a “Comic-Con” of modern fashion.

Weaving our way into the fabric of social and cultural media.

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