Minnesota Lottery

To discover their true north within, Minnesotans must get out.

The best way to make it through a Minnesota winter is by getting out and taking it head-on. In doing so, you can learn winter’s lessons, forging a mindset that helps you not only survive the season, but also thrive in life. That’s the True North spirit.


Tough Love

After the longest cabin-fever season ever, Minnesotans are now in hibernation mode.

True Love

You can only discover your true north by getting out and embracing winter.

We created True Northisms — pieces of wisdom gathered from winter truths — to help people find their own True North spirits. Of course, we also reminded them they could find their spirits by playing the True North scratch game.

Instead of just sending influencers swag in their toasty warm homes, we outfitted them with GPS coordinates and sent them out into the True North.

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influencers enjoying the True North