The triumphant launch of “can” in a can.

Summit Brewing in St. Paul, Minnesota, doesn’t know the meaning of the word “can’t.” They proved the impossible: that a session IPA could be low in carbs and calories and taste great, too. They named it Triumphant because the beer is a triumph itself, making it the perfect beer to raise when celebrating everyday accomplishments. To launch this marvelous and flavorful can-do in a can, we positioned Triumphant as, well, a beer for the triumphant with an integrated campaign that inspired can-do attitudes.


Tough Love

Novelty beers have become a replacement for quality.

True Love

In the hands of the right brewmaster, the quality and tradition of an IPA can be a great-tasting low-carb, low-calorie triumph.

Can a great-tasting IPA also be low in carbs and calories? Shockingly, yes.

As far as session IPAs go, this one punches above its weight in flavor.

Attention cornhole players and kickball leagues: There’s a new beer in town.

Low carbs. Low calories. And 4.0 ABV. It's a win-win-win situation.