TCF Rebrand

Client: TCF Bank

Design thinkers build brand platforms. TCF came to Periscope asking to reinvigorate its brand and signal a change for TCF Bank. We knew we needed more than just a new brand identity — we needed a brand platform that would leverage the strengths of all eight TCF business lines and bring everything together as one.

“In rhythm with your_________” is the new strategy-built brand platform that provides endless messaging flexibility to be extremely relevant to all TCF customers — wherever they live, whatever they need and whenever they connect with TCF.  We set the tone for the entire TCF rebrand with the new TCF Bank integrated campaign using contemporary design, iconic music and beautiful storytelling.

Brand identity: Bringing TCF together as one.

TV commercials: With twists and turns along the way.

Out of home: Connecting consumers’ specific needs in specific locations with hyperlocal media placement.

Print: Targeted ads and in-branch point of sale for specific locations and audiences.

Cards: Simple, modern design at every touch point.

Responsive website: Enhancing every customer’s experience every day.