Taking retail back to school.

For years, Target had held one-night shopping sprees for college students during their orientation week only to never see them again. So we figured, if we can’t get the students to the store, let’s take the store to the students. We created pop-up stores at three state universities, incentivizing engagement with free giveaways from brands like Axe, Chipotle and Red Bull. You know, the basics.


Tough Love

Transportation realities are a real barrier to the college audience.

True Love

Love for Target is amplified when it’s close at hand.

To reinforce how Target seamlessly fits into college students’ lives, we created a back-to-college Target Union called “Made For U.” In the process, we gave everyone an education on building loyalty through brand experiences. As a reimagined college centerpiece, The Made For U Target Union combined shopping, socializing and shared experiences, centered around “Target’s Ultimate College Dorm Room.”

Food. Shelter. Clothing. Technology. Entertainment. The essentials of any decent higher education.

Google. Snapchat. Sonos. Axe. Sally Hansen. Advanced classes in creating effective partnerships.

What student wouldn’t jump for joy in a dorm room like this?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) bracelets designed as cool, branded premiums served as passes for students to participate in any aspect of the experience. They also served as tracking devices that allowed us to measure, in great detail, who was interacting with what events and brands and how many repeat visits individual students made. A valuable education for Target, too, as you might imagine.

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