Accelerating innovation at the speed of retail.

In an effort to identify and attract innovative retail partners, Target launched a variety of programs to identify and support promising startups, but the efforts quickly became confusing and disjointed. To simplify and focus this mission, we helped Target develop a total brand overhaul, site redesign and several activation events. With a new platform as bold as the startups it seeks to engage, Target Accelerators is successfully attracting the next generation of retail partners.


Tough Love

You can’t attract game-changing brands if you aren’t a game-changer yourself.

True Love

Target was built on retail innovation.

To succeed in today’s competitive market, retail startups have to move fast. With Periscope’s partnership, Target helps those startups move even faster. After all, that’s what it means to accelerate.

Shape the future of retail.

Turns out the shape of retail’s future looks a lot like a bullseye.