Sweet Me Creamery

Putting the “sweet” in “home sweet home.”

Responding to a consumer trend of handcrafted products, Kemps launched a new brand called Sweet Me Creamery. Produced in small batches with higher-quality ingredients, Sweet Me ice cream called for packaging that communicated “Home-Baked Americana.” The packaging design system we developed is extremely functional yet feels very homespun — creating feelings of nostalgic simplicity.


Tough Love

It's hard to create nostalgia for a new brand.

True Love

Sweet Me has a flavor offering that's both familiar and new.

Because “small batch” is an essential brand characteristic, we made sure all packaging elements had a made-from-scratch feel — including the name, brand mark and supporting graphics, as well as the overall packaging system.

We began with seven unique flavors, each developed in conjunction with James Beard Award nominated pastry chef Michelle Gayer. The initial launch was so successful that seven additional flavors were quickly added to the product line.