Petco. The best place for your best friend.

With simplicity and clarity, we're breathing new life into Petco's own brands like "Good Lovin'" snacks and "Leaps & Bounds" toys. At the same time, we're re-inventing the going-to-the-pet-store experience with a variety of mobile and social apps that reinforce the relationships Petco has with our canines pals, as well as with the owners who love and care for them.

We think the packaging for dog toys should be as fun for pet owners as the toys are for dogs.

From "Leaps & Bounds," we jumped into treats and rawhide chews.

Dog snacks with appetite appeal for humans. Who knew?

At Periscope, dogs own us. Dogs are allowed at Periscope, all day, every day. Which means we understand the people who visit Petco stores because WE ARE the people who visit Petco stores.

Thank you for sitting and staying. Good human.