Getting four legs up on the competition

Our pets bring us endless joy, but shopping for our four-legged friends can be kind of a drag. To get more pet owner’s tails wagging, we worked with Petco to re-imagine the pet store experience, breathing new life into their own brands — including Good Lovin' snacks and Leaps & Bounds toys. Now going to the store for your pet can be almost as fun as playing with your pet.


Tough Love

Pet products must be functional, but purchase is driven by emotion.

True Love

By evoking the feelings our pets give us, we can build strong brand affinity.

With simplicity and clarity, we're breathing new life into Petco's own brands like Good Lovin' snacks and Leaps & Bounds toys. At the same time, we're re-inventing the experience of going to the pet store through a variety of mobile and social apps that reinforce the relationships Petco has with both furry friends and the owners who love and care for them.

We think the packaging for dog toys should be as fun for pet owners as the toys are for dogs.

From "Leaps & Bounds," we jumped into treats and rawhide chews.

Dog snacks with appetite appeal for humans. Who knew?

At Periscope, dogs own us. Our furry friends are allowed in the office all day, every day, which means we have a great understanding of the people who visit Petco stores because WE ARE the people who visit Petco stores.

Thank you for sitting and staying. Good human.