PEMCO Insurance

A lot happens in a second in the Northwest.

PEMCO utilized the power of different-length social video formats to illustrate to Northwesterners something they all know to be true about life in the Northwest — a lot can go wrong in 3, 2, 1 and, yes, even less than a second. As the Defender of the Northwest, PEMCO is there to be readily reliable when people need it most.


Tough Love

Six seconds isn’t long enough to solve a brand problem, much less tell a brand story.

True Love

It doesn’t take long to show how important it is to have great insurance.​

“A matter of seconds” was an insightful truth that helped reinforce the PEMCO brand promise as the solution. Media slots with 30-, 15- and 6-second lengths let us use the messaging to illustrate the speed at which things can go wrong — and to show that as Defender of the Northwest, PEMCO is ready to turn things around.

The “A Lot Can Go Wrong” campaign outpaced other creative inventory for estimated ad recall lift rate on the PEMCO Facebook channel, meaning our audience was most likely to remember these ads. The campaign also won gold (and silver) at the AdFed MN “The Show” — coveted recognition of advertising greatness as judged by industry professionals.

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