Go big. Or go home.

When Super Bowl 52 announced that it would take place on Schwan’s home turf, we set our sights on winning Super Bowl LIVE — the two weeks of festivities leading up to the Big Game. We developed an interactive event filled with real-time trivia, social engagement, microsite extensions and free samples — all housed inside Schwan’s signature delivery trucks. The result? An emphatic game-winning touchdown.


Tough Love

Schwan’s food alone isn’t enough to bring people to the party.

True Love

Schwan’s is about more than just food, which can bring the party to the people.

With Super Bowl 52 being held in Schwan’s hometown — and our own backyard — we saw huge potential for the chance to increase broad awareness of Schwan’s home delivery on a global scale, as well as the opportunity to “win” Super Bowl Live. Centered around the interactive draw of the world’s biggest trivia game ever, we combined football, food and fun in a way never seen, or even imagined, before. In the end, victory was ours.

How we built the 45-foot-tall, 35-ton MVP of Super Bowl 52.