Acting bad for good.

The Basilica Block Party has been a Twin Cities institution since its inception in 1995. But in recent years, this musical godsend had lost some of its luster. Leaning into a theme of “redemption,” we created a promotional campaign built around a fictional all-girl punk band, getting music fans out of their pews and into the streets.


Tough Love

A cathedral concert primes expectations of rigidity and strictness.

True Love

This event isn’t a concert. It’s a celebration.

Using the tagline/commandment “Witness It,” we put a lighthearted spin on the mysteries and miracles of Catholicism while reminding people there are some marvels in this world that are not to be missed. In doing so, we imbued the event with a spirit of irreverent fun and revealed to many the great adoration the Basilica has for all kinds of music.

If a woman scorned can be furious, imagine the ire of an all-female band left out of the Basilica Block Party’s lineup. Such was the story behind “Hell Hath No Fury,” a fictitious punk group whose anger-fueled antics created a ton of social content as they demanded stage time equal to the event’s headliners.