Minnesota Lottery

Saying “you betcha!” to fun

The most successful Minnesota Lottery scratch-off games go beyond a simple theme and tap into something bigger. Nothing demonstrates this better than Up North, the game built around some of our states most iconic cultural features. From our beloved blue ox to the lift bridge in Duluth to all the mullets you can shake a hockey stick at, this game captured that special Minne magic that can only happen here.


Tough Love

Minnesota is a state filled with goofy accents and subzero maniacs.

True Love

Celebrating our weirdness is something that connects all Minnesotans.

The world's largest ball of twine. Paul Bunyan. The home of spam. Minnesota features a surprisingly wide variety of peculiar attractions. We chose 15 to spotlight on our new scratch cards. And we admit it — the cards preyed upon and reinforced Minnesotan's desperate desire to feel unique, which, of course, they loved.

Did we create a lot of experiences? You betcha.