The sweet taste of love

Every brand has a motto, but a motto is just words. What does your brand taste like? To answer this question for our own brand, we put our heads together with Izzy’s, one of Minnesota’s most beloved ice cream shops, to develop the culinary embodiment of our new brand. The result was a refreshing, limited-edition flavor full of love and meaning.


Tough Love

Most brand mottos are just a bunch of words.

True Love

The best way to prove our motto is by putting our money where our mouth is.

Inspired by our locations around the globe, our new brand colors and our mission to do things people love, we partnered with Izzy’s Ice Cream and created Love Potion #921.

A mixture of pomegranate, ginger and blood orange provides hints of our global flavor across our U.S., Asia and India offices.

0 921
a nod to our physical address
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ingredients crafted to represent our mission
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more example of doing things people love