Client: DreamWorks

For 75 years, Lassie has saved the day and captured our hearts with unconditional loyalty and love. To celebrate this anniversary, DreamWorks tasked us with bringing Lassie into the present. But before Lassie could embark on her next great adventure, she needed to connect with a whole new breed of dog owners. To do this, we refreshed her style and invigorated her spirit with a distinct voice that combined friendly wit, wisdom and optimism. We let the world know Lassie was back to celebrate the hero in every dog, big or small, purebred or mutt.

A timeless word mark with a contemporary edge makes Lassie feel both fresh and familiar, all at once. While Lassie Dog Co. speaks to the pet category and opens up some room for lifestyle play.


An iconic silhouette and details like EST. 1938 evoke Lassie’s heritage in a simple, updated way that leverages Lassie’s trusted equity. While the strong, secondary circle mark is reminiscent of a dog ID tag. Together these components create a bold, flexible system that works on a wide range of products, packaging and various digital and print collateral.

Composed graphics and anniversary marks

From dog food and treats to beds, leashes and t-shirts, we turned Lassie Dog Co. into a lifestyle brand that celebrates the special bond we have with our own furry, four-legged heroes.

Lifestyle goods and packaging

We created short, sharable videos to celebrate the hero in every dog.

Digital videos

Lassie is a spunky life guide whose lessons are ageless. From poignant observations to funny quips, Lassie and her Lassie-isms remind us that life’s best teachers are our dogs. To share Lassie’s distinct voice, invaluable life lessons and to highlight the furry heroes among us, we turned to social media.

Social posts

Lassie’s website is the community hub, where fans new and old can discover everything there is to know about her, where she’s scheduled to make appearances in real life, and what she’s doing along the way.

Lassie website (visit site)

Print / point of purchase