Curating a unique boutique for the holidays.

JCPenney had become the store you walk through to get to the mall. To help them cut through the clutter and give shoppers a reason to stop and shop, we brought a limited-time pop-up store to life in the heart of NYC. With curated collections, a custom VR shopping tool and a helping hand from noteworthy tastemakers, we gave JCPenney the most magical gift of all: Harking and heralding from trendy outlets that a retail star had been reborn.


Tough Love

Everyday retailers get lost in the pre-holiday shopping shuffle.

True Love

Focusing on small, attention-grabbing collections helps box stores stand out.

For the holidays, we delivered retail success by shifting the perception of JCPenney from a traditional, value-driven department store to an exhilarating destination for gifts and fun. The result was a pop-up store and a 360-degree, online virtual experience, all of it carefully curated by an eclectic group of today’s most social fashion opinion-makers. The products available were all existing but unexpected JCPenney merchandise at JCPenney prices — but the glitz and glam were distinctly Jacques Penné.

“I know how it feels to just go in and find the usual gifts for people. This store is dedicated specifically to holiday shopping, so, technically, you could get everything for everyone here, just like that. Boom!” NICOLE RITCHIE TO AOL

A relatively small budget that felt gigantic.

PR and earned media coverage spread the story, and JCPenney became a bigger, bolder, better brand.

"An Etsy shop come to life." GLOSSY
"Christmas 2017 Best in Retail Innovation.” STYLUS
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social impressions with 100% positive sentiment
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earned PR placements, including People, ET, Us Weekly, InStyle and Hollywood Reporter

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