Krispy Kreme

A loyalty program with many sweet rewards

Krispy Kreme’s frequent eater program had some big holes in it, which in this case was a bad thing. So we cooked up a fresh customer segmentation study based on new consumer insights (and plenty of primary research). The result was a redesigned loyalty program that generated smiles by the dozen for doughnut lovers from Koast to Koast.


Tough Love

The doughnut landscape is growing faster than the waistlines of customers.

True Love

Consumers with a big sweet tooth can be influenced by sweet deals.

After assessing Krispy Kreme’s frequent eater program, we made recommendations that we were then asked to execute. Using sophisticated market segmentation and consumer insights, we redesigned Krispy Kreme’s loyalty framework model to put recurring smiles on the faces of Krispy Kreme lovers everywhere.