Iconic Candy Brands

Client: Ferrara Candy Company

You don’t need a sweet tooth to recognize tasty brands like these – they’re a part of America’s candy culture. So when we were challenged to create unique destinations for 16 different brands in a cost-effective manner, we ate it up. The system we developed allowed each brand to feel unique, while maintaining consistent management across sites. Beautiful parallax and responsive design served as eye candy, while a product locator tool and user-centered functionality delivered the experience candy lovers crave. 

Knowing this nostalgic brand was receiving a modernized facelift, including a refreshed logo, we embraced the yellow and kept the experience as simple and sweet as the candy itself.

Lemonhead website (visit site)

Mama Bears are especially selective of what they feed their cubs. So this site design and content catered to choosy moms searching out nutritional information and locations to buy product.

Black Forest website

Inspired by assets from the updated packaging, we created a site that was more inviting to millennials. A playfully relevant social component was also added to encourage fans to “share the square.” 

Now and Later website (visit site)

Utilizing one platform, and one template, we were able to design a unique digital presence for the remainder of the Ferrara candy brands. By taking this approach, we created dramatic cost efficiencies for our client.

Other Iconic Ferrara Brands

We didn’t just create a product locator. We helped connect candy lovers with their favorite treats. What’s more, we were able to leverage one tool across all 16 brands, each with their own unique look and feel. 

Product Locator