Petco Leaps & Bounds

High-quality pet toys get tails wagging.

Basket share for the Petco Leaps & Bounds brand was declining, in large part because customers were unaware of its superior quality. To overcome this, we focused our communications on the company’s high safety standards and the importance of play to a pet’s holistic health. By establishing high-quality products as an essential element of healthy play, we re-established Leaps & Bounds as the pack leader of pet toys.


Tough Love

Customers don't know why quality matters when they desire products that look fun.

True Love

The brand name has the potential to establish superiority in a playful way.

Healthy pets are active and expressive, and their personalities shine brightest when they play. Through both design and language, we rebuilt the brand around the idea that a little play every day makes a big difference in your relationship with your four-legged family members.

We followed the success of the dog line redesign by expanding into cat and puppy products, using language and graphics that highlighted the needs of those pets.