MN Secretary of State

Here, we vote a lot — and with pride.

Minnesota consistently leads the nation in voter turnout and has been trained to “get out and vote.” But in 2020, the pandemic made staying in a safer, better way to vote. So, instead of persuading Minnesotans to get out to their polling place, 
we had to get them to cast their ballots right from home.


Tough Love

Minnesotans have been trained to “get out and vote” the first week in November.

True Love

In 2020, “staying in” is a safer, better way to vote.

We created a three-phase campaign that clearly conveyed safe voting options and benefits while spreading the word in four languages, with an emphasis on diverse media outlets. We showed Minnesotans that by voting wherever “here” was, they could lead the country not only in voter turnout, but also in voter safety.

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