From a house of brands to a branded house, we helped BASF Grow Smart®.

For years, BASF was a house of un-connected brands that were great products created with category-leading science. Partnering with BASF, we turned that approach inside out and unified all the products under one BASF branded platform—Grow Smart with BASF. Our driving insight: The chemistry we create with farmers in the field matters just as much as the chemicals we create in our labs.

We built touchpoints and engagements around the insight, keying on the importance of people and relationships as much as products and programs.

To highlight the unique advantage of one of BASF's top products — a herbicide that activates with much less rainfall than the competitors' — we created a big idea using a small space.

To get the word out on a big new product launch — Engenia herbicide — we created a series of bumper stickers. After all, next to their family, dog and land, farmers' next love may be their pickup.

011 %
Growth in seeing BASF as a farmer’s trusted advisor.
0131 %
Twitter followers up 131% over first year to nearly 25,000.

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