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The main tool of back-to-school cool

In schools across the nation, there is an undeniable “pecking order” based on a series of qualities that make up “coolness.” Embracing this reality, we created a back-to-school campaign inspired by educational film strips, establishing haircuts as they primary currency of coolness. In a fun and quirky way, we returned parents to the good old days of good times and cool hair.


Tough Love

What’s cool in school can be hard to define.

True Love

While nothing is universally cool, everyone has a hairstyle.

Inspired by educational films and film-strips — narrated by none other than the school principal — we returned parents to the good old days of back-to-school battles for dominance through good looks and attractive hair.

“My Summer Vacation: A Tale Of Grooming, Styling and Prepping.”

Excuse us, but the principal would like to talk to you.

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From here, it looks like you could use a haircut.